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Article: Daddy's Date Night: BYOB

baby date night

Daddy's Date Night: BYOB

I look in the mirror and notice a hair is out of place. I pause and pick up my hairbrush. "Got it." I put the wild hair back where it belongs. Satisfied, I turn my attention to the shirt hanging nearby-a nicely pressed plaid button-up. There is still one last piece to finish off tonight's wardrobe. My shoes. Will it be a Chuck Taylor or Ben Sherman night? I opt for the Chucks. I return to the mirror for one final inspection. "Looking good," I tell myself. You might be thinking, "What's all the fuss over looking good?" Friday date night. I walk up to the door to pick up my date, knock lightly and then push it open. And there she is in the bedroom with her mama all dressed up and ready to go. My baby girl. My everything. She sees me. I smile. She returns the smile, and my heart melts. This is part of my Friday night ritual with my Little D, our special father-daughter time to paint the town red. I take her in my arms and place her in her stroller and we both kiss mama goodbye. "Bring her back by curfew (aka feeding time)," she tells me. I tell her not to worry and take D's wheels out for a "drive" down the sidewalk. Tonight starts like every date night. We begin by looking up at the evening sky. And before we realize it, the two of us are standing at a major intersection between different worlds. We're about to leave the quiet, serene setting of our neighborhood behind for the sounds of speeding traffic and honking horns-the city. We cross the boulevard and the hustle and bustle of our local nightlife greets us. People are everywhere. Some are walking while others are sitting out in front of a restaurant or cafe. I look at D and ask, "What are we in the mood for tonight? Brazilian or sushi?" We opt for Brazilian. I order the steak and a beer. D is all about BYOB: bring your own bottle (of fresh milk). After dinner we cruise down the busiest streets as people watch. I notice I'm not the only father out on a solo date with his child. As I pass them, I give them the dad nod. All the excitement of the night has D riled up, but it's almost curfew. When I get her back home, it's a quick diaper change then I get her in her PJs. But the date isn't over yet. No date would be complete without a little dancing. I turn the lights off in our room, put in a Rockabye Baby CD and slow dance with my darling D. Tonight it's the More Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles, and by the time "Dear Prudence" comes on, she is fast asleep in my arms. Do you need a soundtrack for the next date night with your kid? Try these picks from First-Time Daddy.       . .      

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