Giving Thanks for Baby

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Dear Baby, Soon, we'll be celebrating our first Thanksgiving together. No holiday since you've arrived has been the same. The truth is that each day that has passed with you in my life takes on new meaning, because it has to. I'm no longer responsible for just me. I actually have to pay attention when I cross the street, try to keep my day job, and turn down a travel writing assignment to spend 4 days at a swanky resort in Belize (no, I'm not bitter), and wake up when you do because apparently you can't change your diapers or feed yourself on your own...yet. You challenge me. I definitely learn more about myself, about what I'm capable of-what you're capable of-every day, and that, hey, maybe I can actually do this motherhood thing. And I'm reminded while watching ridiculously addictive HGTV shows about million-dollar rooms or extreme multimillion-dollar homes-and, by the way, I didn't watch this channel before I got pregnant...they call it "nesting"-that I don't have either. And I want them, very, very badly. But, again, I didn't want them before I had you. Then, here you are on my lap, and you're smiling-you just #2ed in your pants, from what I can smell-and I have to say, "Thanks, baby, I guess I am already rich." A Sunday afternoon being a couch potato watching my overpriced cable obsessing over overpriced homes with a content baby smiling back at me with all the love in the world in her eyes just happy to have pooped-priceless. Thank you for this, and so many more #2s to come. Love, Mom P.S. Yes, my baby watches TV. I blame my mom.


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