Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: So Long Summer Projects

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027297963122Okay, so AC/DC wasn't talking about kid craft projects when they sang "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap," but with the same DIY spirit I'll share a few simple activities to keep the kiddos busy that don't cost a lot of dough. We're just a few days into fall, and here are some cheap and dirty crafts for the yard, patio or park that will keep the kids cool. But first, put on our So Long Summer Playlist!  Now it's time to get dirty. ;)


1.      Mud Pies

The most celebrated and classic of all outdoor children's activities for a reason: There is nothing more fun than playing in the dirt once you add water and make mud. It's basic, time-tested, and appeals to almost all ages. Of course, you do have to caution the tiny tots not to eat their delicious looking creations. (Pinworms, yuck!) Supplies: dirt, tap water, container - I like using old pie tins.


2.      Seed Bombs

A variation of mud pies that also creates something useful and beautiful. Wet a little pinch of clay, mix it with one part of soil, roll into a ball and then roll it through some seeds for local plants. Allow the seed bombs to dry and then toss them into vacant lots or your backyard and watch over time to see the plants come up. Supplies: air-dried clay, tap water, compost/soil, seeds


3.      Ombre Ice

After all that playing in the dirt, some water play is a great way to get clean. This activity will help get the grub out from under the fingernails, although it might also stain them green. Fill up four different containers with tap water and allow kids to add drops of food coloring. Let them play for a while mixing the colored waters together, creating new colors. Then pour their creations into an ice tray and freeze. Once frozen, pop the colored ice cubes out into a big container and let them play again. On really hot days, I fill the kiddie pool with ombre ice and let the kids jump in - a great way to keep cool and kinda clean (go lightly with the food coloring, okay?). Supplies: tap water, food color, ice cube tray, large container and some small ones For more DIY fun, click on one of the projects below!  stick photo soil

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