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Article: Get Up and Dance Giveaway (Guys’ Edition)

christopher walken

Get Up and Dance Giveaway (Guys’ Edition)

We talk a lot about rocking out (gently) here at Rockabye Baby, but you know what great music gets people to do? DANCE. So we pulled videos of some our favorite guys doing just that...dancing like there's no tomorrow.

"Weapon of Choice," Fat Boy Slim, featuring Christopher Walken

Before people saw this video, few people knew that actor Christopher Walken had trained as a dancer. And, boy, does he have moves. Check it.

"Dancing in the Street," David Bowie and Mick Jagger

You either hate or love this song and video with two of rock's icons. It's pretty silly, but who else could pull off such ensembles or moves? By the way, did you know Van Halen also covered this song?

Daddy-in-Training dancing to "Indigo Blues" by Llorca featuring Nicole Graham

Even our resident daddy, Charles, took to the streets of Edinburgh many, many years ago to show off his moves.

"Turbo" (Michael Chambers) dancing to

 "Tour de France" by Kraftwerk

And we were going to mention the famous Footloose dance scene, but that's too predictable. Plus, we think this '80s dance scene from Breakin' beats it by a longshot.

Now, for today's giveaway, we want to know:

What song do you have to dance to?

Tell us what song (or songs) make you get up and dance to enter to win this trio of lullaby renditions of artists whose dance moves made them music legends. Post your answers by Sunday, Sept. 29, 8PM PT, to be entered!

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Whenever I hear MGMT’s “Electric Feel,” I HAVE to get up and dance.

Mariah W

When Doves Cry by Prince!


“Kiss” by Prince, “Your Love is Lifting Me Higher” by Jackie Wilson, so many more!


Safety Dance!!


Lynard Skynard Sweet Home Alambama


Humpty Dance! :)

Tiffany B.

Always feel like running in place really quick when I hear “FlashDance…What A Feeling”

Olivia Rubin

Me and my two itty bitties dance to music every day when we clean, play, cook, and it’s always Another One Bites the Dust from Queen that makes us go wild :)

Alisia Dopheid

Bob Seger songs.. they remind me of my mom dancing with me when i was little! (:



arely colin

My absolute fave…. Billy Idol’s “Dancing with myself”!!!

Heather Vallejos

Love dancing, with my 5yo son, to some Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer. There’s fist pumping, singing and some pretty rock star head bangin’.


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