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Article: DIY Chalk Egg

chalk egg

DIY Chalk Egg

Our answer to the perfect egg every time: the ability to redo and undo.

Dyeing eggs is definitely one of the more fun activities about Easter, but the dyes and the wax can be a little much. This year, we thought it would be fun to be able to design (and erase) any patterns, shapes, etc. over and over on chalk eggs!


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It’s easy, we promise, and only requires a bit of prep work. We bought 12 wooden eggs, chalk paint and chalk sticks. Paint each egg with the chalk paint and let dry overnight. When each egg has dried it’s time to decorate! Also, if you’re going the traditional route and using hardboiled eggs, a very simple (mess free) way to decorate them on the fly is with temporary tattoos!


Simply follow the instructions on the back of each tattoo, just applying to the shell of the egg instead of yourself (or your little one)! And, BOOM! Now that’s crazy resourceful.

Feeling like musical eggs, we’ve got those, too.

Easy DIY Egg Shaker


And, of course, the soundtrack to your eggscapades: Listen to our playlists.

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