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Article: Rockabye Easter Egg Hunt Hint Kit


Rockabye Easter Egg Hunt Hint Kit

Just two more days until Easter. Hopefully you’ve got your eggs decorated, and plans for the Easter egg hunt are underway. There is nothing more thrilling than the hunt!


Rockabye Grrl doing some Easter Egg huntin' (back in the 90s, as if the clothes don't give it away enough)

One thing I wish I’d had as a kid though: HINTS. My grandparents must have gotten a real kick out of sending us for a loop when they hid eggs. My sister and I would be on the lookout for HOURS trying to track down every single one (usually exactly 24). They would be hidden around the house, the garden, the pig pen, the machine shed. Everywhere. As I said, a hint or two would have been nice. Something like this! Here is our very own Easter egg hunt hint kit (with the Rockabye Bear helping us find eggs, of course). Simply download, print, cut, paste and use! We taped our cutouts onto the backs of wood craft sticks so they could be easily stuck in the ground.




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