DIY Colored Yogurt Pops

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Your little ones picky eaters? They can’t quite come to grips with how delicious healthy snacks are? While we’re all for turning finger foods into song title adaptations, we feel your pain. That’s why this simple Greek yogurt pop DIY is everything you need to entice your kiddos. You can make this lots of ways, but our preferred method involves a few specifics: animal ice cube molds, fun colors, and swirls…


Yogurt Pops 2  


If you’d like, use a popsicle stick for less messy handling.


Yogurt Pops 3



  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • Food coloring
  • Popsicle sticks (optional)
  • Ice cube trays (or animal molds!)


Yogurt Pops



Add a drop of food coloring for every few scoops of yogurt. Mix slightly if you want a swirl or completely mix if you want solid colors. Repeat with different colors. Add to ice cube molds and freeze. You can either add the sticks in once they’re solid enough, or carefully after they’re already completely frozen. These are also great when us parental units want a sweet treat without going full on ice cream. Enjoy!

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