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Article: Funny Books to Gift New Parents

Funny Books to Gift New Parents

As a new parent you often feel like you have no clue what the heck you’re doing. All the classes and What To Expect editions in the world can’t answer it all. That’s when a little light-hearted reading comes in. New parents need answers, but they also need humor and quite a bit of “you’re not alone” affirmation. That’s why these 5 books are perfect for the newbies amongst us. Whether they’re advising you or more meant for baby to enjoy, they are sure to make sleep-deprived parenting more fun.


1. Baby, Mix Me a Drink - Part of a series of books from Lisa Brown with a similar theme, Baby, Mix Me a Drink, is basically what every parent wants–a child that will do some work. Jk! But really, it’s a fun bedtime book you can read your baby that teaches them (or you) how to whip up a cosmos and other basic cocktails. Might as well read something with useful info because that Goodnight Moon stuff isn’t doing anything for you!

2. The Worst Case Scenario Survival Guide - Life is full of unexpected risks and possible catastrophes, but we’re hoping the worst you experience is a diaper explosion. Handling that can be pretty scary though, so for the parent who wants their raise-baby-right knowledge with a hint of humor, this is your jam. You’ll be a master at everything from baby-proofing to play-dates in no time.

3. Go The F*ck to Sleep - You’ve probably said that under your breath a time or two, am I right? But now, you can lull baby into a slumber and get out that pent up frustration in a soothing sleepy-time voice. It’s oddly therapeutic. Just make sure to stop reading this gem once they start repeating after you. You do not want to catch your child reading this book to their favorite stuffed animal any time soon.

4. Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us - If the above survival guide doesn’t do the trick, this book will give you a laugh while tackling a ton of scenarios you’re sure to experience with kids. Written by 4 moms who’ve seen it all, the book is comical and helpful. Something you likely won’t find from other baby books. They might be educational but they can be pretty drab.

5. Knock Knock Calm the F*ck Down: The Only Parenting Techniques You’ll Ever Need - Is it just us or does profanity run rampant when it comes to fun books on child rearing? Anyway…this quick read also offers a wealth of knowledge about how to handle various parenting concerns (especially if this is your first), AND includes illustrations your child might enjoy seeing while you’re reading next to them and strengthening your “don’t buckle at the site of their pout face” stance. Have a humorous book you’d recommend to a new parent? Let us know below!


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