DIY Rockabye Flag for Flag Day

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On this day waaay back in 1777, our nearly one-year-old country adopted its official flag:


However, it looked a little more like the flag below since only 13 colonies had been established:


There's your history lesson for the day! To celebrate Flag Day, we've created a few mini versions of the U.S. flag for you to cut out to commemorate the anniversary.  You'll notice we threw in a few Rockabye flags too. ;) Give a wave for Flag Day, everyone!


1. Simply cut out each flag along the lines.

2. Tape straw or stick to the far right of the back side of each flag. 3. Get wavin'! flag1 flag2 flag3


When the waving's done and your flag is worn out, try these lullabies. 027297969926 silverchair MUSE

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