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shitmydadIn honor of Father's Day, we here at Rockabye Baby HQ thought it would be funny to gather all the interesting things our dads have said to us over the years. Our First-Time Mommy had one from her dad to start things off: "So tell me about this YouTube...are they any good?" Ms. Rockabye's got one too: "I keep a picture of you and your sister when you were little in my wallet.  Anytime I meet someone new I pull it out and tell 'em I've got two little ones, 5 and 2. "  But we quickly realized that none of our fathers said anything quite as shocking or funny as some of the artists in our Rockabye Baby library. Check out the sh*t these dads have said: To be a liar, you've got to have a great memory, and I don't have a great memory. (Ozzy Osbourne) If you're going to kick authority in the teeth, you might as well use both feet. (Keith Richards) I don't know what's better, gettin' laid or gettin' paid. (Soon to be papa - Kanye West) Fake it until you make it. (Steven Tyler) I worship scones and danishes. If I never had another meal, I wouldn't care as long as I could eat pastries and jelly doughnuts. (Gene Simmons) Are you fans of these fathers? Check out our lullaby renditions of their most popular songs.

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