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Article: My Kind of Synchronicity

My Kind of Synchronicity

Early Father's Day greetings to three of my favorite musicians, Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland! sythepoliceThis month, The Police celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of their biggest studio album release, Synchronicity. It had four hit singles, including "King of Pain" and "Every Breath You Take," and took a noticeable departure from the bands usual reggae roots. The album's name was inspired by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist who founded analytical psychology, and his theory of synchronicity. Sting was heavily influenced by literature and psychology, which is apparent in nearly all of his songs. Unfortunately, Synchronicity would also be the band's last album. together. Shortly after, the band split up. This September I, too, am celebrating my 30th (birthday, that is) and so I felt it appropriate to talk about my all-time favorite band. I have been connected to The Police since, well, before birth really. My Dad said he played them for me when I was in utero. "Every Breath You Take," the band's most popular song, was #1 in the States when I was born. Coincidence? Probably...but still pretty cool! I listened to them all throughout childhood. (Sure, I listened to Raffi, too, but I always came back to The Police.) I remember sitting on our pool table in the den, listening to Synchronicity on vinyl. It was this cool black color that changed to purple when you held it up to the light. As I grew older, I got way into the Ska scene, but still held on to my love for The Police. (Both Ska and The Police are heavily reggae influenced, so it actually makes sense.) They weren't releasing any new albums, but I could've listened to Zenyatta Mondatta or Outlandos D'Amour all day. In high school, when I started going to concerts every weekend, I realized that I would never get to see my favorite band live. Deep down I always knew, but it was never a reality until I saw so many other bands live. It would just have to remain a dream. But in 2006 I moved to Chicago, and that following summer, something totally crazy happened: The Police announced a reunion tour and they were going to play Wrigley Field, which was 5 minutes from my apartment! I had to go. Nothing would stop me. I bought my ticket ($250!) and awaited the best night of my life. The concert was surreal and when Sting launched into the bass line of my favorite song, "Walking on the Moon," I choked back tears; my dream had come true. Here's to making your baby's dreams come true (even those still in utero)...but, first, let's get that baby to sleep with these lullaby renditions of bands that could become your little rocker's favorites one day! 027297967120 027297969711 027297962323

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