What I Want for Father’s Day

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What do I want for Father's Day? My answer, "I am not sure." I'm a relatively new father-one year as of last month. How do I even measure my experience? If fatherhood suddenly became a professional sport, then I would be a rookie. (But I'm pretty darn fast at diaper changes.) So do I even have the right to ask for a gift?  Of course I do. I earned it. So to my daughter, Little D, if you are peeking over my shoulder as I write this post please consider the following gifts for Papa:

The Top 5 Things I Want for Father's Day

By Daddy-in-Training

1. One night of uninterrupted sleep, possibly on a Saturday night 2. A hammock stand for that hammock Mama gave to Papa several years ago 3. A framed portrait of you and Mama to hang in my office 4. Two private lessons with a Muay Thai boxing coach (you'll attend with me!) 5. A picnic with you and Mama on our new grass


Of course, the greatest gift you can give me has already been given- fatherhood.

What's on your list?

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  • Whatever your heart desires, Papa!

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