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Article: Drive…Baby, Drive


Drive…Baby, Drive

You know what I've never done before? Have a kid. It's going to happen any day now with my wife due this week and, no doubt, it will be a life-changing experience that will include several challenges, all gladly welcomed. (Well, I'm saying that now.) And as my child's arrival draws near, I hear the same question repeated over and over again: "Are you ready?" My response, "No." How can I be? This is a completely new experience for me. But one piece of advice from a close friend, and mother of two, has always stuck with me. "All you need is a good car seat." That got me thinking about an interview with actor Ryan Gosling, who was asked about how he prepared for the car chase scenes in last year's movie Drive, in which he plays a getaway driver.

He mentioned that there was something special about driving in Los Angeles at night listening to music. And, as an Angeleno, I absolutely agree. L.A. at night is a magical place. The traffic is lighter and sometimes the only pedestrians are the coyotes.

So, on those nights when my little one ("Little D") cannot sleep, I'm going to get behind the wheel of my car and drive baby around - within the speed limit, of course. If he or she is anything like me, then he or she will be a pint-size monster of rock. Listening to metal as we cruise the city streets will be a bonding experience for us. But before we graduate to the heavy guitar chords and screaming lyrics from the gods of rock, I will start my baby on a custom mix of lullaby renditions from bands that I like to drive to solo. So, donning my driving jacket and gloves, and Little D safely belted in the car seat, we will embark on our nightly drive through the city streets, and I imagine it'll play out like this: Daddy and his fussy newborn begin their evening adventure as "For Those About to Rock We Salute You" (AC/DC) plays. Little D howls in the night, drawing the attention of the local coyote pack. They return the howl. It is their way of saying we salute you. Little D starts to relax and both begin to learn about having "Patience" (Guns N' Roses) with one another as they are going through many "Changes" (Black Sabbath) together. They bond with every tune and turn. Daddy and Little D hit the Sunset Strip listening to "Feel Your Love Tonight" (Van Halen). They roll their windows down to hoot and holler at rockers and tourists as they cruise past the Whiskey a Go Go and the Rainbow Room. Daddy opts not to stop for the two-drink special on this occasion. And as they drive back to their home in the coyote-packed hills of Los Feliz, Daddy blasts the lullaby rendition of "Welcome Home" (Metallica). But Little D doesn't hear the song...D is already asleep, and Papa is very proud of his little monster of rock.


Vroom, vroom…

Cha Cha

Good start, Daddy-to-be! It will be fun!


Little D is one lucky little person.


Go, Daddy, go…


Love this post—you’re gonna be a terrific dad! And we’ll blink our headlights in a high five as we pass by you in the night.


You’re going to be a great dad!


This guy is my hero.


Even better, sitting in a rocking chair with the little beast drooling on your chest. Perfect moments…
I know you will be a great dad


Don’t forget, “And the Cradle will Rock!” :)


Very cool, really great post! Need to hear about some future playlists.

Hattie Jones

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