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Article: Bundle of Joy for Daddy

Baby Music

Bundle of Joy for Daddy

We don't want Papa to preach when he unwraps this years Father's Day present. More ties? Another power tool? (Well, okay, power tools are cool but you can only do so much with 3 wet saws.) How about a little R&R that can be shared with your little ones at home? Vote for your favorite bundle below to help us decide which lullaby renditions will make up the perfect bundle for "Pops" this Father's Day. And who knows, you might just win a custom Rockabye Baby Father's Day bundle if you do! Vote for your favorite bundle below! .


Queen has my heart and thankfully my husbands too. Godfather’s of Rock please!!


Rockin’ Daddy all the way (plus we already have one or two from each of the other categories).


Ya’ll need to do Rush. My babys daddy would love it.


Wow, it’s a four-way tie right now! Who’s going to break it? My man is definitely a Bang Your Head Daddy.


Foo Fighters should be in one of these! But I’d got settle for the Nirvana bunch.

Tim S.

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