Festival of Sleep Day Playlist

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Man, oh, man... Aren't you glad it's Friday?

Maybe it's just that this week has been jam-packed with all sorts of excitement and celebrating or that it's generally just hard coming back to work after a long break. But I'm a little sleepier than usual. The first two days of this year I was all, "I'm gonna get so much shhh...uhhh...stuff done this year!"

Now I'm just like, "Can someone please shut the lights off? And cover me up? And put on Almost Famous or some Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles for me to fall asleep to for 15 hours?

Anyway, I was very pleased to be reminded that today is Festival of Sleep Day! And just for the occasion, I've created a nice loooong playlist of dreamy tunes for a nice, much needed snooze today.

Listen to our Festival of Sleep Playlist below. Happy Napping!

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