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Article: GIVEAWAY: Guess Who We’re Rockabye’ing Next?

Baby Music

GIVEAWAY: Guess Who We’re Rockabye’ing Next?

CLOSED! Congrats to our winners: Lisa B., Sean F., Ben h., Elisa and Christi! Ready to crank up the quiet with Rockabye Baby's first release of the year! So who's it gonna be? You'll have to guess first . . . Listen to the song below. Do you recognize it?


Send your song and artist guess to by Thursday, January 9, 8PM PST and you could be one of five (5) lucky fans who will win an advance copy of our upcoming release! Click on the Like or Share Facebook buttons below to get your friends and family in on the fun! Our winners will be announced this Friday, January 10.


We want Johnny Cash..not PINK! Please make a ring of fire and really get this party started.

Olivia Rubin

get this party started by pink!!!

Samantha White

Get this Party Started by Pink!


Artist: Pink
Song: Get This Party Started




Get This Party Started by Pink!!

Carolyn Henneberry

Let’s get this party started. Pink


Get the party started…P! NK. So glad you’re making a Rockabye Pink!

Kyla Bonham

Send your song and artist guess to by Thursday, January 9, – See more at:

Seems a bit odd that you all posted here and didn’t follow the instructions.


Get this party started artist is Pink.


Get this party started- P!ink


OMG! I’ve been waiting for this one forever. Thank You!


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