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Article: GIVEAWAY: Announcing Lullaby Renditions of . . .


GIVEAWAY: Announcing Lullaby Renditions of . . .

Today’s the big reveal of our latest arrival! And we’re going to make you work just a little to find out who’s getting “Rockabye’d” next. But who doesn’t love a good challenge, right? Complete the puzzle below to see if your guess is right!

How long did it take you to complete?

Post your time below by 8 pm PST tonight to be entered into a random drawing to win a copy of the album (but please don’t post the band’s name — let others solve the puzzle for themselves!). Do tell us if you’re excited about what’s coming by sharing the news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #RockabyeNewArrival. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a Rockabye Baby surprise in the future. We’ll officially announce who’s getting the Rockabye treatment tomorrow at 12 PM PST! Giveaway closed! Congrats to our winner Heather D. 






Solved in 5:55


Puzzle solved in a dismal 23:11, although I was breast feeding at the time, so that’s gotta count for something, right?


8:42 – would have been quicker if I realized sooner that it was smaller than the full screen!


7:01 – what a fun way to reveal!


10:59. I was hoping for better but my 4 year old was teying to help (:


7:07! I am SO excited for this!


7:24 new it after the 4th piece!!


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