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Article: Rock-Inspired Baby Names

Baby names

Rock-Inspired Baby Names

Who or what inspired your name? Thanks to everyone who entered our recent Story Behind Your Name contest. We enjoyed learning the stories about how many of you got your name. They ranged from being inspired by family heroes or historical figures to just being something “pretty.” Eddie_Van_Halen_(1993)   And there was one story we just had to share, because, you’ll want to add these two names to your list if you’re expecting . . . they’re as musical as they come: From RB fan Randy: Our son’s name is Halen, as in Eddie Van . . . the name came to us at a Van Halen concert in 2007 . . . my wife and I were there with a friend, a huge Bob Dylan fan, who recently found out that they were having a boy . . . We were teasing him that their baby’s name would be Dylan . . . that got us talking about cool rock-and-roll baby names. . . as a joke, someone said “Halen” . . . it actually sounded awesome, so that was the name we chose when our son was born 3 yrs later. We are now expecting a little girl in September, and her name will be Hannah, after Kathleen Hanna from Bikini Kill. Congrats to your family, Randy! And to your future rockers. Need more name inspiration? Perhaps you’ll find the perfect name in our catalog.


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We named our baby boy Geddy, as in Geddy Lee of Rush. We were throwing names around about a year before he was even born. My husband said it jokingly, but I really loved it. Through that year, we never even discussed any other boy names because I knew that was the one. And now I know which of my friends and family are the coolest!


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