GIVEAWAY: Birthday Dave Matthews & Jimmy Page

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We're celebrating two birthdays today! Jimmy turns 70 years old today while Dave turns 47.

Never looked better, boys!

Now, just because it's their birthday doesn't mean we can't treat a few of you to a few goodies! To enter today's giveaway, read through the facts below and tell us which of them belong to Dave and which belong to Jimmy. Good luck! 1. Started his musical career as a session musician 2. Was born in South Africa 3. Has a "Dragon Suit" 4. Came across his first guitar in the house his family had just moved into 5. Sang alongside Mick Jagger during The Rolling Stones 1997 tour, Bridges to Babylon 6. Bought his Les Paul Gibson off of Joe Walsh of the Eagles for $1200 Post your guesses in a comment below by Thursday, January 16, and share on Facebook and Twitter for extra entries and chance to win both Lullaby Renditions of Dave Matthews Band and Lullaby Renditions of Led Zeppelin.

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