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Article: GIVEAWAY: Name That Birthday Babe

GIVEAWAY: Name That Birthday Babe

Someone has a birthday today and it just so happens to be the handsome young fella sitting with his parents in the photo below!

Can you guess who it is?


We'll give you a hint: This little rocker was born in Mississippi.

Post your guess in a comment below by Sunday, January 12 8 PM PST and share on Facebook and Twitter for extra entries and the chance to win a copy of our lullaby renditions of the birthday boy, plus one CD of your own choosing!

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Nicole T

Elvis Aaron Presley!


I do believe the birthday boy pictured above is a young Mr. Elvis Presley!

Ashley Collette

Elvis Presley

Alexandra Pitcher


ashley valentine



Elvis Presley!


It’s Elvis Presley.

Katherine Hosni

It’s Elvis!

Erin W



That handsome lil boy is Elvis! My baby boy is named after him, Dean Elvis Ortiz.

Kimberly O

shared on facebook and twitter

Joy Person

The King of Rock Elvis Presley :D

Joy Person

Elvis Presley! Love this little cute rocker forever!

Fiona N

The King! Elvis Presley!

Kaycie K

Elvis Presley

Samantha Fannin

The King was born in Tulle Mississippi January 83620 519-239-7462352. Happy Birthday Elvis Presley! Love Rockabye…just recently bought renditions of Jay-Z…so great!

Kyla Bonham

Elvis Presley was born on January 8th, 1935. in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Michelle Hudson

The King of Rock’n’Roll- Elvis Aron (with one ‘A’) Presley!

Natalie Hernandez

sorry….Tupelo. …January 8 1935. ..thanks auto correct lol

Kyla Bonham

Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley!


Mr. Elvis Presley, uh huh

marie nixon

 Elvis Aaron Presley with his parents Vernon and Gladys Presley 

Virginia Tamez

That’d be Elvis!!!


Elvis Presley!!

Whitney Smith



Elvis Presley!

Kelly Jester

thank you, thank you very much.


Elvis presley!

Hanna J

Elvis Presley


The one and only ELVIS PRESLEY! A fellow Mississippian.

Michelle Fuehr

Elvis Presley! What a cutie!

kaye newman

I’m joining the it’s Elvis train!


Elvis Presley

Brooke M

Happy birthday to the King…Elvis!

Dan Ewald

That’s Elvis Aaron Presley!!!






Elvis Presley

Jeremy Johnson

Elvis Presley, My Daddy’s Favorite Artist and as well as mine and my joyful three year, he love the song Hound Dog, he dance to it every time he hears it..

Patricia Valencia

Elvis Presley

Anne hodge

Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley

Shara Zastrow

Elvis Presley

Lisa E

Elvis Presley!!!!

Margy Hall

It’s definitely Elvis!

Ashley k

I’m thinking Elvis Presley. I was thinking this before I scrolled down, and saw the other comments.

Alissa Apel

That’s an adorable baby photo of the one and only Elvis Presley!

Debbie Monaco

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