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Happy National Puzzle Day! We love puzzles around here, but today isn't just about celebrating the classic jigsaw puzzle . . . It's about celebrating every type of puzzle. Crosswords, Sudoku, Rubik's cubes, word searches . . .  you name the puzzle type, we're celebrating it. Lately (actually, just the past week) I've been squeezing a Sudoku puzzle in every morning to wake up my brain. It's only been a week, as I said, but it really helping suppress the need for me to drown myself in caffeine as soon as I get to work. So, yeah, that's a thumbs up to puzzles, right there! So for this National Puzzle Day, we're serving up a few different puzzles for you to do. Think of it as a triathlon for your mind. And to encourage you to complete them, we're giving away what we're calling our National Puzzle Day Bundle (a.k.a. The Alternative Parenting Bundle which includes Lullaby Renditions of Nirvana, Weezer, Foo Fighteres Radiohead and Pearl Jam). When you've finished, answer the following questions in the comments below:

1. How long did it take you to complete the jigsaw puzzle? 2. What was 4 Down in the Crossword? 3. What is the top row sequence of the Sudoku puzzle?

Post your answers in the comments below by Wed., Feb 5, to enter into our random draw to win our National Puzzle Day Bundle. Think you're ready?


Across 2. Lead guitarist of The Beatles 5. Hometown of Foo Fighters 6. Elton John's real first name 7. Sports a black top hat Down 1. The artist formerly known as 3. Sings "Madness" 4. Sings "One"

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  • Perfect for a 5 minute break from work!

    1. 4:16 for the puzzle
    2. U2 sings “One” I dont know who else does!
    3. 983614257

    Amber on
  • 1) 6:17
    2) Metallica
    3) 876543192

    Graham on
  • 1. 6:15
    2. Metallica
    3. 627345918

    Myranda Whitesides on
  • 1. 5:11
    2. Metallica
    3. 879645312

    Candace on
  • 1. 5:13
    2. Metallica
    3. 219876543

    Anne on

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