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Article: Super Bowl Polls and FREE Red Hot Chili Peppers Download

bruno mars

Super Bowl Polls and FREE Red Hot Chili Peppers Download

footballSo what team are you rooting for this Super Bowl Sunday?

Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos? Tell us what team you're on in our poll below. And, hey, if you want to even tell us what you think the score will be in the comments below, and you get it right, you may just win something "super" from our library. Just post your score predictions in the comments by Sunday, Feb. 2, 3:30 pm ET.

[polldaddy poll=7753673]

And let's not forget the Super Bowl halftime lineup: Bruno Mars with guest, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. What are your thoughts on the two sharing the stage for the most watched music show of the year? Vote below.  [polldaddy poll=7753683]

Well, you know how we feel about the Red Hot Chili Peppers, so we think of this year's Super Bowl as a total win-win situation. To celebrate the band's upcoming performance, and to get your babies ready to snooze so you can watch the darn thing, we're giving you a FREE download of "Knock Me Down" from Lullaby Renditions of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Can you think of a better song to go with football?


38-27 Broncos.

Tim L. Walker

Wow, the Broncos really blew it, but Bruno Mars killed it with the RHCP!

First-Time Mommy

I’m thinking it will be a low scoring game, honestly. 21-17 Broncos.

Myranda Whitesides

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