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Article: Giveaway: New Site Scavenger Hunt!

Baby Music

Giveaway: New Site Scavenger Hunt!

CLOSED!  Thanks for everyone who participated and congrats to our winner Ryan M.! Notice anything different about our site? Yep, it's brand spankin' new! To celebration the launch of our new site, we're going to have a little scavenger hunt giveaway to help get you acquainted with our new layout (plus, we just really love giveaways).

Here's your mission:

Find this bear!


What you can win:

5 (yep, FIVE) Rockabye Baby CDs of your choosing! For example . . . 

027297960329 027297970427 027297967526

9669_250x250 9692_250x250

How to enter giveaway: 1) Explore the pages of our new site at 2) Keep your eyes peeled for the little cutie sporting pink in celebration of our upcoming release Lullaby Renditions of P!nk. 3) Click on the bear and email us at by Friday, February 21, 8 PM PST telling us where you found the RB bear hiding out for the chance to win. 4) For bonus entries, tweet the following: I entered to win 5 @rockabyebaby CDs to celebrate their new site in the #RBscavengerhunt: Good luck hunting! Hint: Our Rockabye Bear was looking a little sleepy when we sent him off to hide. Maybe he's snoozing with some tunes . . . if you get what we're sayin'.



Who won! I did the contest

Lauren ham.

I found him on Thursday but i haven’t heard or received an email back yet.

Nathan Smith

love em

liz baiardi

Yes, I found our Rockabye Baby’s most wanted Bear!! hope I am one of the lucky winners!!


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