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Article: GIVEAWAY: Sh*t My Kid Says


GIVEAWAY: Sh*t My Kid Says

shitmykidsays Because it's something we all deal with...SH*T. But rather than run from it, we're reveling in it here at Rockabye Baby. And from the popularity of our previous Sh*t My Dad Says and Sh*t My Kid Says posts, we know you do, too, at times. So we pulled some more of our favorites from Twitter to keep the sh*t party going:

Sunsarae ‏@TheOnlySunsarae

"Seahawks? That's a dumb name. I'm gonna cheer for the other team."


Robert fabricant ‏@fabtweet

"My goal in life is to try every single fruit in the world."


Steve Joll ‏@SteveJoll

"Babies can NOT touch Superheroes, aye Dad, cos Superheroes eat carrots."


Karen Mulder ‏@karenmulder

"I'm not going to marry that boy because he picks his nose and eats it. I do that too, but not in front of people."


Domestic Goddess™ ‏@thedomestictype

"Mommy, you're my best stupid friend."  

To enter this week's giveaway, it's your turn to share, whether it's your kid or even your adult child.


Post the good, the bad, the ugly and funny in the comments below by Sunday, Dec. 22, 11:59 pm ET to be entered to win one (1) of our awesome 2013 releases. Two (2) winners will be selected!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Tweet us for another entry into the giveaway: I entered the @rockabyebaby #sh*tmykidsays giveaway." P.S. Get your Rockbabye Baby stocking stuffers by Christmas by ordering by Dec. 18!


This isn’t my own kid but one I nannied for . . .

“What do you want for yo’ birfday? I’m gonna get yo’ a bathing suit and a gun!”


We were watching tv & my daughter told us that watching tv: ’That’s what Poppy does!’ She thought it was his job (he’s retired).

Stacy Lane

Night night, sleep tight, don’t let Jesus bite.


“Ooooooh! Gangnam Style!”
says my 3 year old when something is pretty

Rachel Nash

Mommy mommy, my stster blinked. She knows how to blink now. She did it again!


Yesterday my 3yo daughter woke up before me and screamed “mooooom…..mooooom…MOOOOM” when I asked what she responded with
“why aren’t you in the kitchen”
My husband and his best friend woke up to this and spent the day laughing.

Ame pollard

i know you’re not going back to the gym because the last time you went back that guy spanked you, no son I’m not going back because I said he whooped me as in he beat me at running

tiffany c

Currently my kid is obsessed with all things poop… He has reworded every Christmas song he has heard to include poop. “Oh Christmas poop”, “Jingle poop” “Here comes poop face” etc… It has to be a boy thing!


Scooby-Doo craps me up. He says “Scooby spiny doo”. That’s why he craps me up.
(yes she said craps)


My son passed gas, smelled the air about him and then stated “Mommy, your farts smell wayyyy better than mine”


love this music


Me: Honey what do you want for Christmas this year?
Daughter: The Bitch (Her way of pronouncin g The Grinch!)


My 3 year old son, listening to the radio:
Mommy, what’s a Macklemore?

Allison H.

Convo with 2 year old daughter Samantha…

Samantha: Why so serious Mamma? Are you thinking?
Me: I’m not serious haha and yes I’m thinking.
Samantha: About me?
Me: yes
Samantha: LIAR!
Me: hahaha


nothing really comes to mind right now

ioana c.

my godson talks in his sleep and while checking on him one night and making sure he was covered…. as I did this the movement of covering him up, woke him up just enough to bust out with this “Not my sandwich and my wife!!!”


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