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Article: Why Babies Rule!: Reason #30

Rockabye Baby!

Why Babies Rule!: Reason #30

Why do YOU think babies rule?

Post your reasons below for your chance to have it illustrated and featured on our blog -- and maybe even receive a little present. :)  If you haven't checked out our Why Babies Rule! series, click link to catch up on what you've missed. As for today's reason, let's see if you'll agree.


We look forward to hearing why you think babies rule. Post them below! And don't forget to also check out our latest onesies. They're 100% organic and 100% cute.



Babies rule because they have that “baby smell” which smells so good. They are the only people who can poop in their pants and still smell good!

Jillian K.

Reason Babies Rule: They have all those chubby baby rolls and we love ‘em for it!

(or is this more why I’m jealous of babies? ha!)


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