The Return of Bib Libs: The Rockabye Bear Goes Sledding

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I love Mad Libs. Truth be told I, haven't been playing enough lately. You know how I can tell? I forgot for a moment what an adverb was... Usually I'm able to rattle those things off, no problem, but while playing recently with a friend, I was asked for an adverb and I almost blurted out "incandescent." I might as well have given a plural noun. Jeesh! But now that I'm getting back into Mad Libs, I won't be fumbling through my word types anymore. It's honestly the best refresher for remembering the difference between them and a great way to teach them, too. So get those grammatical juices flowing with our latest holiday "Bib Lib!" Print out the "Bib Libs" below with your loved ones. Fill in each blank with the instructed type of word and let the fun begin!


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