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Article: Good Baby, Good Daddy


Good Baby, Good Daddy

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, we thought it would be fun to ask the staff here at Rockabye Baby to share some of their favorite photos or memories of their dads.  And by golly, we got quite a few cute stories and photos. Read on below!


“Here’s my dad and I on my uncle’s wedding day. He was the best man and I was the flower girl. While I walked down the aisle, I placed the petals down one by one, only putting them down near the people that I ‘liked.’ He gave me a dollar for doing a good job right after this photo was taken.” Ms. Rockabye


“I have so many great memories of my Dad from my childhood, because he was always trying to entertain me and make me laugh. He’s an actor, so there was never a shortage of imagination in my house. One of my favorite memories is a Christmas morning tradition we actually still keep up to this day. Every Christmas morning since I can remember, after all the presents had been opened, the French Chef would come to visit. My Dad would transform into this over-the-top French character and make us all French Toast. Even as an adult, when I would visit from Chicago, I would ask my Dad if the French Chef was coming. This Christmas tradition is so important to me that when I went to Texas last year for Christmas, and was away from my Dad on Christmas morning for the first time, my fiance’s mom made us all French Toast to keep the tradition alive.” Rockabye Grrl


“My bear, as I call my dad, is adventurous, hardworking and the most knowledgeable person I know. He came to the US at 16 and learned English in just 6 months because, other than his family members, nobody in his neighborhood spoke Spanish. I was taught how to read at age 4 thanks to his patience. Lastly, he’s also a jack of all trades and kind of a MacGyver type —creating things with what he has on hand, like that spaceship costume he made for my kindergarten Halloween party. Love my bear!” — Debbie


“My dad died suddenly when I was 22. I miss him. This is my favorite picture (one of the few) that I have of him, and one of my very fondest memories is when he played the ‘monster’ game. Occasionally, before bedtime, my dad would round us up in the living room (me, my 2 sisters, and my brother) and get down on all fours (he was a big guy….6’5”). He would signal my mom, who was on standby, to turn off all the lights. “As soon as it went dark we kids would do a mad scramble and my dad would crawl around and try to find us while making these crazy monster noises. Of course, it wasn’t hard for him to do so as all he had to do was follow our giggles. In retrospect, this was maybe not the safest game (plenty of bumps and bruises to be had in the dark), but it was definitely a memorable one that has provided me with memories I will cherish for a lifetime. Wouldn’t have been possible without my good/bad ass dad!” — Toni


“Good daddy . . . that would be my husband! (No offense, Dad.) I’ve known so many people who have had barely present fathers or none at all growing up. (Granted, some of them were better off that way . . .) I’m so happy to know that my husband, no matter what, will always be in our daughter’s life the way he is in this photo: always looking out for her, always willing to hold her hand when she needs him — and probably always wearing a pair of Converse. Thanks, Papa.” First-Time Mommy  

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Nice. Your Dad wouldn’t mind if you wrote something about him too.


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