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Article: Breaking the Law GIVEAWAY: Share Your “Bad Baby” Stories

Bad Baby

Breaking the Law GIVEAWAY: Share Your “Bad Baby” Stories

Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law . . . We’ve all done it one way or another (unless you’re a total saint).


As for me, I know I’ve broken the law a time or two . . . usually in fairly harmless ways, though, like stealing construction cones or arranging deer lawn ornaments folks put out around the holidays into “inappropriate” positions. At that time, I knew I was doing something wrong, and that’s exactly why I did it: for the thrill! But there was a time when I had no concept of what “breaking a law” was . . . back in the ’90s . . . When I was about 7, I hopped into the driver’s seat and took a “spin” in my mom’s Cadillac Eldorado while she went into a gas station mart. At first I was just playing: twisting the wheel and flicking knobs and buttons. Then I got down to business. I pushed the brake, kicked it into reverse and away me and my younger sister went; backed right into the chain-link fence separating the gas station parking lot and someone’s front yard. Offenses: driving without a license and damaging private property. Bad, bad, bad  “baby.”

How about you? How have you or your kids broken the law by accident?

Who hasn’t shoplifted by accident as a baby or toddler? The good old, hide stuff in the stroller move while mommy or daddy is shopping! Or tagged public property or written on a school desk?



Post your “bad baby” story in the comments below by Sunday, June 15, at 8 pm PST to be entered in our random giveaway for one copy of Good Baby, Bad Baby. Three (3) winners will be selected! For bonus entries, tweet, share and pin from this post! a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good Baby, Bad Baby featuring our lullaby rendition of Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law” arrives June 24, 2014! Listen to snippets here!

Don’t forget! Father’s Day is just a week away!



My child loves to eat fruit from the fruit stands before while she is in her stroller and no one can see we don’t notice until we are leaving the store and she has food in her mouth


While grocery shopping (every 3 yr old’s favorite activity lol), he saw a foam sword that he must have. After a bit of a tatrum, I let him walk around the store with it. For the remainder of the time he kept quite. Worth It! 30 mins later we checked out. It wasn’t until I went to put him in his car seat that I realized he still had it (reminded me by whacking me in the face with it). So yeah he just walked right out of the store with it lol


just today my little thievish magpie (8 months old) picked up a chocolate bar from the shopping cart and hid it in his car seat (i usually have the car seat in the shopping cart, and put the purchases around it). only noticed it when we got back home, so obviously it never made it to the cashier’s desk…


As a kid, my parents loved to take me to home depot. That is until I chose to start my potty training on the toilet display.


When I was a little kid I used to go to the corner store for candy and one day I just walked out without paying because I was talking to my friend and forgot! I was so ashamed I threw the candy in someone’s yard and cried all the way home!

Adelina Prentice

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