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Article: Police Mug Shots

Andy Summers

Police Mug Shots


It’s not every day you have a run-in with The Police…the band, that is. We’ll happily avoid the other kind! (Remember that our lullabies can calm road rage if you think the racecar driver in you needs to chill out.) Have you ever had an awesome or awkward encounter with The Police? Or police? Today, we’re sharing both.


Stewart Copeland with “Rockabye Grrl” Sarah

From Sarah: “It was one of the best days of my life, probably. I went to a screening/Q&A (by myself) at the Arclight of Copeland’s documentary about The Police called Everybody Stares and he was there to answer questions afterwards. I actually got to ask the very first question (I said something about loving The Police since birth and some other stuff), but when everyone was hounding him after the whole thing was done, I couldn't get in to try and get a photo.” “So I just sort of gave up and walked back to the parking lot to go to my car. But as I got in the elevator, Copeland and his crew came in after me and his wife, I think, was like, "Oh, hey, you're the girl who asked that first question." And then our cars were on the same level so she asked me if I wanted a picture with him aaaaaand I flipped out.”


Rockabye Baby blog contributor Teena with Andy Summers

From Teena: “The Police were actually one of my first introductions to rock music, via Synchronicity cassette tapes left at my dad’s business during my preteen years, so I’ve been a huge fan since then. Many, many years later, I had the opportunity to work on Andy Summers’ photography book, I’ll Be Watching You, (here’s where I thank my friend and editor Nina for the gig!) for a month or so leading up to his 2007 photo exhibit at Galerie MX in Montreal, where I was living at the time. But I had never met him in person so I was looking forward to seeing his photography, and, if I was lucky, meet him, too.” “Thing was, as expected, at the art opening he was always surrounded by people, so it was difficult to even find my way in and just say hello. I was there with a bunch of my friends who patiently waited as I circled him like a crazy fan over the course of the evening. We might have been there for an hour until I finally found a couple-minute window. I walked up and said to him, ‘Excuse me, Mr. Summers, I’m a friend of Nina’s. I just wanted to say it was a pleasure to work on your book. I’m Teena.’ He looked at me oddly at first, didn’t speak right away, and then smirked and, pointing at me with his index finger, said, ‘I know you, I know you…you’re that editor,’ like it was a bad thing. But soon his face and tone softened, and he simply said, ‘Nice to meet you.’ And then you can see what happened next — that tongue!” Awkward or awesome? So one Police member is still missing from our awkward or awesome Police moments. Do you have one to share with us? Share your Police photos with us on Facebook or Twitter and you may see it featured on the blog next!



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