Groupie Pack Giveaway: Why Are You Rockabye’s Biggest Fan?

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groupiepackgiveaway (2) CLOSED! Congratulation to our winner Ame Pollard!  Can we get a raise of hands for those of you who would consider themselves hardcore Rockabye Baby fans? Yep, today we're looking to find Rockabye Baby's biggest fan. Is it you? Share with us below what makes you Rockabye Baby's biggest fan. Do you own a ton of our releases? Do you tell everyone you meet about Rockabye Baby? You tell us! Our biggest fan will be gifted our Groupie Pack including: 5 Rockabye Baby CDs of their choosing 1 Rockabye Baby vinyl release of their choosing (The Smiths, The Flaming Lips or The White Stripes) 1 onesie or Toddler T 1 adult Rockabye Baby T-shirt   

Pretty sweet treat, wouldn't you say?

So, are you our biggest fan? Post why you are below by Sunday, Oct. 6, 8PM PT and you'll be entered into our random giveaway to win the ultimate prize: the Rockabye Groupie Pack!

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  • We are your biggest fan because you let us enjoy our fave songs in whole new ways. My daughter loves music, and this calms her, makes her boogie, and smile!

    itzybellababy on
  • Rockabye baby – how much do I love you guys? Well for starters, you not only ease my daughter’s troubled nights but mine as well – words almost can not express how much that alone means to me! I absolutely love the renditions of my favorite bands, and sometimes just hearing the sweet melody of the Rockabye rendition is better than hearing the originals. I will admit, I have not bought the entire collection as I wish I could afford….and my favorite in our modest collection is one you guys graciously gifted me from a previous contest (Bob Marley…major props for that, thank you x10!), but I always recommend these creations you put out to other parents because I think they’re not only soothing and wonderful for babies’ little ears but it puts a smile on the parents face to hear something familiar, something that is influencing their child in musical genres that we as adults love. Music speaks to us on many levels, to share that connection with your child is without a doubt priceless. Thank you for doing what you do, I am forever a fan!

    Jennifer Gregory on
  • I’m your biggest fan because music is essential in ones life and with your cds my niece can appreciate the music I listened to growing up and even the music her grandma listened to. These cds have given my niece music appreciation that I could never teach her.

    Nathan on
  • Until recently, I worked at a family-friendly Rock Station. My listeners often asked me what to get their rocker friends as presents for baby showers, and I always tell them to get their presents here. I personally LOVE the Led Zeppelin disk (and the Foos, and AC/DC), and when my littlest niece was born, we had to have this music!

    Tonya Haze on
  • Our son was born 8 weeks early and spent the first 6 weeks of his life in the NICU. We were by his side every day, as often as we could be there. Once we got the ok to play a little music, Rockabye Baby was our choice – it gave us a chance to play some soothing, quiet lullabies while still enjoying our favorite songs. They provided a familiarity, a comfort that we needed during such a stressful time in our lives. Once in a while, the other preemie-parents or nurses would pop their head in and say “hey wait, is that Journey? Aerosmith? Elvis??” and we’d get to spread the word and share Rockabye further. Now, its one of my favorite gifts to give to new parents!!

    Isabella on

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