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Article: Today in History: Abbey Road Anniversary

Abbey Road

Today in History: Abbey Road Anniversary

Abbey Road, The Beatles' iconic 11th studio album, was released in the States 44 years ago today. Sure, celebrating the 44th year of its American release may seem a little less monumental than, say, the 45th, but I maintain that any Beatles anniversary is worth talking about. Abbey Road was the very last work The Beatles recorded together (although Let It Be was the last released). Heaps of turmoil had mounted between the Fab Four, and it was clear that each member was reaching the end of their rope. But as they all seemed to sense the end was near, they each went out with their best foot forward, and ended up with what some consider their greatest album. And just as iconic as the album's music, of course, is its art:

Fun fact: The original title of the album was going to be Everest.

So to celebrate the magnificent Abbey Road, I went around Rockabye Baby headquarters asking my teammates to share their favorite songs off of the album. "Here Come The Sun"

Kyle in our Sales Department: "My favorite song off of Abbey Road would have to be ‘Here Comes the Sun.' It was reportedly written by George in Eric Clapton's garden, and the beautifully composed instrumentals mixed with the Fab Four's gorgeous harmonies paint such an incredible picture in your head you really feel like you're there watching the sunlight break through the clouds and shine down through the tree tops."

Jennifer in our Art Department (who, might I add, draws all of our adorable Rockabye Bears): "Gorgeous melody aside, the shimmery guitar throughout is what makes this one of my favorite Beatles songs ever. It's also one of very few songs that makes me feel like everything's going to be okay. "

"Octopus's Garden"

Kristen in Accounting: "My favorite song is Octopus's Garden because nothing makes me happier than major chord arpeggios, harmonies, and piano in a song. It's a winning combination for a happy, feel-good song." "Come Together"

Scott in our Licensing Department: "Whoa! What a way to start an album! ‘Come Together' is The Beatles at their most riff-tastic and, of course, it was another massive hit for the Scouse lads. It has all the trademarks of a Beatles classic: the melodies, harmonies and hooks, but it also had a rock 'n' roll swagger that made it simply ooze coolness." Celebrate everything Beatles today with our lullaby renditions of the Fab Four's dreamiest hits.

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