Groupie Pack Giveaway: Why Are You Rockabye’s Biggest Fan?

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groupiepackgiveaway (2) CLOSED! Congratulation to our winner Ame Pollard!  Can we get a raise of hands for those of you who would consider themselves hardcore Rockabye Baby fans? Yep, today we're looking to find Rockabye Baby's biggest fan. Is it you? Share with us below what makes you Rockabye Baby's biggest fan. Do you own a ton of our releases? Do you tell everyone you meet about Rockabye Baby? You tell us! Our biggest fan will be gifted our Groupie Pack including: 5 Rockabye Baby CDs of their choosing 1 Rockabye Baby vinyl release of their choosing (The Smiths, The Flaming Lips or The White Stripes) 1 onesie or Toddler T 1 adult Rockabye Baby T-shirt   

Pretty sweet treat, wouldn't you say?

So, are you our biggest fan? Post why you are below by Sunday, Oct. 6, 8PM PT and you'll be entered into our random giveaway to win the ultimate prize: the Rockabye Groupie Pack!

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  • We are RockabyeBaby’s biggest fan because we currently own 12 of your CDs and slowly building up our collection, listen to your CDs every night before bedtime, have bought some CDs for fried s as gifts, like your page on Facebook and have told ALL of our friends with kids about these awesome CDs :). Love you guys!!

    Jenn on
  • In addition to owning several Rockabye Baby releases, my son Halen’s room is Rockabye Baby themed! His walls are filled with framed Rockabye Baby album covers! I can send pics if you wanna see!

    Randy Sieger on
  • I used to DJ for a community radio station and would close my show with a rockabye baby track. 6 weeks ago, my first born baby entered the world and has been listening every day and would love to keep listening hopefully in one of those onesies!

    Martin on
  • We own a bunch of your releases because it’s the only thing that helps our 3 year old with autism and our 18 month old fall asleep!! They’ve definitely been a life saver and we always give them as baby shower gifts!!

    Nicole Toscano on
  • We Love Rockabye Baby!! My daughter is two and I got RAB Beatles CD at one of my shower’s and I have been collecting and listening to them ever since!! I have turned AT LEAST three friends on to them and they love them too!! Rockabye Baby is an awesome alternative to the standard lullabies.So for alternative parents Rockabye Baby is THE BEST!! It is also my go to gift when I want to give a fun baby gift the parents can enjoy as much as the little ones!! :)

    Taylor Sheppard on

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