Groupie Pack Giveaway: Why Are You Rockabye’s Biggest Fan?

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groupiepackgiveaway (2) CLOSED! Congratulation to our winner Ame Pollard!  Can we get a raise of hands for those of you who would consider themselves hardcore Rockabye Baby fans? Yep, today we're looking to find Rockabye Baby's biggest fan. Is it you? Share with us below what makes you Rockabye Baby's biggest fan. Do you own a ton of our releases? Do you tell everyone you meet about Rockabye Baby? You tell us! Our biggest fan will be gifted our Groupie Pack including: 5 Rockabye Baby CDs of their choosing 1 Rockabye Baby vinyl release of their choosing (The Smiths, The Flaming Lips or The White Stripes) 1 onesie or Toddler T 1 adult Rockabye Baby T-shirt   

Pretty sweet treat, wouldn't you say?

So, are you our biggest fan? Post why you are below by Sunday, Oct. 6, 8PM PT and you'll be entered into our random giveaway to win the ultimate prize: the Rockabye Groupie Pack!

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  • I’m one of your biggest fans! As hard as it is to find your albums in South Africa, I hunt them down for every baby shower and baby birthday I’m invited to. It’s gone so far that, when I hear a song title from your collection, instead of the original version I find myself humming the lullabye. I’ve maxed out my internet month after month playing your music to my baby (who loves to ‘sing’ along to them)

    Nikky Olivier on
  • I am a new fan to Rockabye baby. I love the variety of artists you guys offer. I received my first Rockabye album as a gift for my son’s baby shower and he loved it. I am looking at purchasing some for our little girl on the way.

    Jennifer M on
  • When you hear a tune from Rockabye baby, you think “Hey, I know that song!” and then quickly start singing along. Your baby loves this music and loves that you love it too. When parents have exceptional taste, it’s hard not to find Rockabye baby extremely appealing.

    I’m in my twenties, as well as most of my friends, and babies are everywhere! I love to share this music with them because it gives us the opportunity to introduce the music we know and love to our babies too!

    Jeni Blaze on
  • Bedtime music for baby and music that’s fun to listen too as well!!

    Jessa on
  • Nope! Your biggest fan would be moi!
    I’m a massage therapist, and I specialize in massage from conception to neonatal! When a Mommy-to-be in on my table, I have a different Rockabye Baby CD playing on my ipod. When the baby or the mommy has a positive reaction, I tally the cd in the patient notes. The CD with the most tallies is their Birth Day present and presented with their first newborn massage :) Top baby choices? Elvis, Pink Floyd and The Cure!

    Nina on

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