Groupie Pack Giveaway: Why Are You Rockabye’s Biggest Fan?

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groupiepackgiveaway (2) CLOSED! Congratulation to our winner Ame Pollard!  Can we get a raise of hands for those of you who would consider themselves hardcore Rockabye Baby fans? Yep, today we're looking to find Rockabye Baby's biggest fan. Is it you? Share with us below what makes you Rockabye Baby's biggest fan. Do you own a ton of our releases? Do you tell everyone you meet about Rockabye Baby? You tell us! Our biggest fan will be gifted our Groupie Pack including: 5 Rockabye Baby CDs of their choosing 1 Rockabye Baby vinyl release of their choosing (The Smiths, The Flaming Lips or The White Stripes) 1 onesie or Toddler T 1 adult Rockabye Baby T-shirt   

Pretty sweet treat, wouldn't you say?

So, are you our biggest fan? Post why you are below by Sunday, Oct. 6, 8PM PT and you'll be entered into our random giveaway to win the ultimate prize: the Rockabye Groupie Pack!

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  • Rockabye baby brings some enjoyment to the sleepless nights and the crying. A distraction when all you want to do is go back to bed. I love to give the gift of a Rockabye baby CD to a new mum- i think it helps them to not have to give away who they are totally when they become a parent, they can still have cool music!

    Maddy Carmichael on
  • I’m your biggest fan because…I was a fan before I could even use your music, pre-child when as a Coldplay fan and I first heard of your Coldplay Rockabye Baby album around late 2007. I saved it on my Amazon wish list for years before I had a child, waiting for that one moment I’d finally need to soothe my baby. Now half a decade later I have not only that album but countless others to soothe my 2 month old baby Olivia. It was worth the wait! Thanks to Rockabye Baby, my daughter will know good music. With your albums she’ll get to enjoy modern bands like Coldplay to the great classic music stars thanks to your recently released Elton John lullaby album (which I cannot stop listening to)! You have no idea how it warms my heart to see my daughter fall asleep to “D’yer Mak’er” on the Led Zeppelin lullaby album or “Don’t Speak” on the No Doubt lullaby album. Your music never disappoints. The thing I love most about it is that older lullabies like “Itsy Bitsy Spider” or “Wheels on the bus” can drive you nuts after 10 minutes, but I know all the artists & songs and can sing along to my child w/o it becoming tedious so thank you for that special gift to my child of singing her to sleep to awesome songs. There’s nothing more fun than whisper singing “Sweet Child of Mine” to my sweet child of mine! I am also a walking advertisement of yours as I just recently mentioned to an expecting father about your tunes and he couldn’t stop gushing at your Jay Z album. Oh, and one more reason I’m your biggest fan….let’s be honest, I listen to them to relax even if baby isn’t around!! Haha.

    Stephan on
  • I AM the biggest fan because I have shared Rockabye Baby with dozens of fellow infant/toddler/preschool teachers and hundreds of children. I have worked in several childcare centers and having Rockabye Baby at naptime not only helps make the room a naptime wonderland, the teachers can enjoy the songs as well. I’ve shared with my sister and niece as well.

    Jen on
  • We are you biggest fans because its impossible to put twins asleep or have them stay asleep without Rockabye baby. It’s perfect to distract them from each others noises and the music is of more substance than twinkle twinkle.

    Thanks for your product….I would literally get no rest without it.

    Jen on

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