Halloween Sale: Bump Up Build a Bundle Discount!

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We’re all about giving out Halloween candy, but this year we’ve got an extra special treat for you! You’re familiar with our rolling discount, right? For those who aren’t, here’s how it works: Just bundle the Rockabye products you want and see your savings grow! With a $35 purchase, you get a 10% discount With a $50 purchase, receive up to a 15% discount and free priority shipping hallobudnlebundleavings

See: Wicked savings! 

The more you bundle, the more you save, especially this Halloween season!


  This is where the treat comes in: We’re kickin’ up the discount!

For a limited time for Halloween, from October 22– November 3

With a $35 purchase, you get a 15% discount With a $50 purchase, receive up to a 20% discount

And the savings continue the more you bundle!

Now go on and treat yourself!

And here are some cute Halloween printables as an added treat!

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