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Article: What REALLY Scares You? + FREE Def Leppard Download


What REALLY Scares You? + FREE Def Leppard Download

Not everyone likes to admit it but . . . we’re almost ALL afraid of something. Ghosts? Heights? Clowns? Ruining your credit? Scary comes in many forms, doesn’t it? To make you feel better about your fears, the Rockabye Baby team is here to share our own! Plus, we’re treating you to the kind of hysteria that will actually calm your nerves: a free download of “Hysteria” from Lullaby Renditions of Def Leppard.

What REALLY Scares You?


In last night’s bad dream it was the mafia. Any mafia. I often have bad dreams of them coming after me or my family, which is really absurd (I hope), as I don’t know what I’d possibly do to get mixed up in any organized crime syndicate. Still, it’s been a recurring dream since I was young, probably from watching too many mafia-related films. But they’re so good! But scary. Note to self: Don’t let daughter watch Once Upon a Time in America, Untouchables, Godfather I–III, Goodfellas, ever. Or have any of her boyfriends make her watch them like Mama’s did. —First-Time Mommy   I am absolutely petrified of sharks. I respect them and I am even fascinated by them when I work up the courage to look at them for more than an eighth of a second, but they scare the hell out of me.  I’m pretty sure my fear was sparked during the sunken ship scene in The Little Mermaid when Ariel and Flounder are being chased by that gigantic, toothy shark. All I know is that I want to pee my pants when I see one.  —   Ms. Rockabye   What I'm most terrified of are catastrophic natural disasters, which is a little unfortunate given that I've chosen to live in Los Angeles, a place where fires, earthquakes, mudslides and severe droughts are more likely than not.Chrissy, lead web designer   I have an irrational fear of spiders mainly because I saw the movie Arachnophobia when I was way too young. For about a year after seeing that movie I had to check underneath the toilet for spiders every time before I went. To this day I still can’t stand the damn things. — Bill, sales rep   When I was little, I was completely terrified of ghosts. For me, they were real, they were everywhere, and they were never friendly. It would paralyze me at night (which is naturally when ghosts come out, right?). I think it stemmed from being so afraid of the dark because I didn’t know (or want to know) what scary things lived in the dark. This was the only true downside to having such a wild and vivid imagination I suppose. Now my greatest fear is boring: I’m afraid of flying. I wish that I wasn’t because I love to travel more than anything. I think for me the fear comes from not being in control of anything. Once that plane takes off, I am in that pilot’s hands. At least I can have a Bloody Mary though.Rockabye Grrl

What are you afraid of? Share below and you just might get a treat!


Now that I’m finally starting a family the only thing that scares me is the thought of losing them

John Moravec

im terrified of ostriches. I can smell them a mile away.


Snakes terrify me, I hate snakes

Brandon Soares

Everyone always mocks me but I truly hate Rainbows.

It’s completely irrational but they cause me to sweat and hyperventilate. If I’m out driving I will divert my route if I see one or pull over until it’s gone.

I’ve never met another person who is phobic too but they creep me out!



Brittany Stephens

Anything creepy crawly scares me. Bugs, snakes, lizards… Ewwww! And losing my family of course.


Snails are just the worst thing ever, even writing the words gives me the shivers.

Tash Earley

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