Happy Birthday to Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin!

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We're celebrating rocker Robert Plant's birthday! To commemorate the occasion, let's test your knowledge of Plant and Led Zeppelin.


So how big of a Led Zeppelin fan are you? Name which facts below are true and false. 1. The song "Black Dog" was named after a dog that Plant used to see wandering around the recording studio. 2. Robert was the first choice to be Led Zeppelin's lead singer. 3. Led Zeppelin is nicknamed "The Jackhammer of the Gods" for their intense sound and mythical lyrics. 4. The band parted ways in 1980 after the death of drummer John Bonham. 5. Plant's nickname is "Percy." 6. The band was founded as a reincarnation of another band, The Yardbirds. 7. Plant owns a trout fishery. 8. In December of 2007, Zeppelin reunited for an Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert at the O2 Arena in London. 9. While touring between 1972-1975, the band traveled on an aircraft called The Starfish. 10. Some of Led Zeppelin's songs were written in reference to the acclaimed book series The Chronicles of Narnia. Post your answers below! 


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