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Article: What Do Pearl Jam and Jay Z Have In Common?


What Do Pearl Jam and Jay Z Have In Common?

Where are our Jay Z and Pearl Jam fans? You'll be excited to know you can catch both acts live, with Jay Z touring the States and Europe through October and Pearl Jam kicking off their American tour in Pittsburgh on October 11. Have you bought your tickets yet? You'll also be glad to hear that we've got a little treat for you today! All you have to do is answer one simple question . . .

 jayz pearl

What do Jay Z and Pearl Jam have in common?

Email us by Friday, August 23, 6PM PT with one (1) thing the fellas have in common. This will enter you into a random drawing for the chance to win both lullaby renditions of Jay Z and Pearl Jam. One (1) winner will be selected. We promise it's not too hard!

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For a bonus entry, tweet us: "@rockabyebaby What do Pearl Jam and Jay Z have in common: ( your answer!) "

Happy hunting! Who knows, you may know even more than just one!


Well, they both rocked last year’s Made in America festival.

Theresa Desmond

They both have 99 problems ;)


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