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Article: Happy Cinco de Mayo + Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

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Happy Cinco de Mayo + Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone! A lot of you may have done your celebrating over the weekend but here at Rockabye Baby, we’re not done celebrating Cinco de Mayo until we say we’re done (which will still be at 12:00PM on May 6th). Here are 4 easy ways to continue celebrating today! 1.Make your own maracas! 2. A piñata. You can buy one or make one yourself! 3. Indulge in some Mexican cuisine! These tacos look delicious and (adults ONLY) this drink looks tasty, too! 4. Make all of this: flan, churros (uhhhh churro cupcakes), and tres leches.


And don’t forget! Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Check out our two special offers below:

Get 25% off any of our 5 CD + onesies with album art bundles



Get our best-selling compilation Good Day, Goodnight + Digital Download Package for $35!

Bring on the zzzs!

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