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Moms. They rock, wouldn’t you say? My mom rocks for way too many reasons to list, but I’ll rattle off a few of the more literal reasons: 1. She’s an amazing rock picker. If you don’t know quite what that is, it’s when you head out into the field (most likely with your grandpa, dad or uncles) and pick up rocks that find their way to the surface of the dirt before crop planting starts. She’s been rock picking family fields since she was a kid and no one, NO ONE . . . is better at it than her. She’s like an Olympian. 2. She’s a rock chick at heart. My parents used to have a lot of parties out on our farm when I was growing up. I remember one night, while I was jumping on our trampoline and watching all of my parents’ friends mingle, I could see and hear my mom in the distance shouting a Boston song at the top of her lungs. Similarly, I’ve caught her belting Queen, Zeppelin, The Beatles and David Bowie. 3. She’s our rock. My dad, sister and I couldn’t live without my mother. The amount she does for each of us on a daily basis, even for me living 1,800 miles away and my sister in Spain, is immeasurable. She’s irreplaceable and I couldn’t be more thankful for all she does. Now my mom’s not the only one who rocks. Since Mother’s Day is this Sunday, we thought we’d highlight a few other moms who really rock.

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