How Daddy Got Mommy, Starring Blur

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Do you remember what you were doing in 2008? When that post went up weeks ago, I honestly couldn't remember the highlights of that year off the top of my head. But this evening I came across some pretty special things that I can't believe were sent to me five years ago: two videos my then boyfriend, Charles, made for me when we lived apart for a year on two different continents.

Who knew a few straws, paper and some crayons, plus great tracks from Blur would amount to the sweetest DIY love letter? Charles did, apparently.

Two years later, actually, we were married. And less than two years after that, we became parents to our Little D.

Sure, our love story is a lot more complex than that, but should our daughter ever ask me why I fell for her dad, I'd have to say, "Instead of buying me flowers, he did things like this."

 Do you have a special connection to Blur? 

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