Small Talk with Mother-to-Be Shiri Appleby

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Who's in the mood for some Small Talk? We're so excited to have Shiri Appleby join us, who you may recognize from the big and small screens. She's been acting since she was a young child, and now Shiri will soon be welcoming a child of her own! Read on to learn about how she's been preparing for the arrival of her baby with fiancé, chef Jon Shook. SHIRI APPLEBY Bio: I am an actress, a director and a very pregnant woman. When I'm expecting: End of March 2013 Sex of our baby: We don't know the sex. We opted for the surprise package. We have lists of names for both boys and girls. We also have a book of names packed in our hospital bag in case we meet our baby and the names we've selected don't fit. Current nickname: We've named our little bundle Baby Shook. Personality of my baby so far: We have a super active baby, that is until I have someone touch my belly to feel the baby move. That's when the baby becomes very still.  I take it as a sign that we don't have an actor in there. Best part of being pregnant: The happy high. I've never laughed so much in my life and I've loved every second of it. Most challenging part: None of my clothes fit! I thought I'd be the pregnant woman rocking tight clothes all the time and now that I'm pregnant, I just want to wear anything comfortable, sweatpants included. Most unusual things I've been craving: Blueberry muffins, not that they're unusual, but I've never eaten so many in my life. 5 things I couldn't live without during this time: Honey Bunches of Oats Coconut bars my fiancé made me to help prevent stretch marks Tracy Anderson workouts sparkling water naps What I've done to prepare for my baby's arrival: The room is done, the books have been read, the clothes have been washed, bag is (almost) packed, names are picked...I've done everything I can to prepare for a situation that is "unpreparable." Diaper bag of choice: Jonathan Adler Songs on my labor playlist: Van Morrison Pandora Playlist How pregnancy has affected the work I do: You realize pretty quickly that you'll only have so much free time after the little one shows up, so you become very selective about what you choose to spend your energy and time on. Up until pregnancy I would do as much as I could just so I could see what I responded to creatively. Now that I don't have that option, I'm forced to decide what matters and inspires me before I begin the work—it's definitely a change I'm enjoying and appreciating. What I'm looking forward to most: A healthy baby For more about Shiri, you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook! And if you're preparing for your own bundle of joy-or know someone who is-here are some releases to welcome the little one home with some sweet zzzzzs.      

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