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Happy first day of July, Rockabyers We've heard via your comments, Tweets and emails about how Rockabye Baby's music has changed your life for the better. (Thanks for sharing, by the way!) Whether it was to survive long car rides or calm road ragequiet a classroom of kids, put your whole household to sleep (pets, included) or just to introduce your kids to songs you love, we love hearing why you like what we do! We want to know how you found us! To enter this week's giveaway for a Rockabye Baby CD of your choice, tell us:


Did you receive one of our CDs as a present? Were you at a wedding and another new father at a table mentioned us? Did you happen to see a CD at a friend's house? Someone you love put a track on a mixtape? We want to hear all your How You Heard About Rockabye Baby stories! Just post your story in the comments below by Monday, July 8, 6 pm ET, to enter our random drawing for a FREE Rockabye Baby CD. We will be selecting 3 winners. Good luck!


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  • I work in a daycare with a 18 months groups, and i was at the music store, searching for original lullaby for the kids nap. Then i found the metallica rockabye baby, i’m a big fan of metallica. So to be able to share my love of metallica with my babies was such a pleasure! No more borring silly lullaby! Only sweet rocking music in the daycare <3 And I have to admit, I also use it for myself to fall asleep :)

    abigaelle hebert on
  • I was shopping for a friend who is a major music fan’s baby shower. Well I found the Rockabye CD’s and knew that she would love them! I went ahead and bought them for myself as well even though we didn’t have a little one. I played them for years in my classroom. The junior high students LOVE them and are always watching to see when a new one will be coming out. Now we play them for our little angel who WILL not sleep without them playing!

    Robbyne Teel on
  • I saw some of your CDs and thought they looked really cute at Buy Buy Baby. My sister bought me the Beatles Rockabye Baby and little guy loved it.

    Nicole Toscano on
  • I think I did a google search for alternative lullabye when I was pregnant with my oldest, back in January of 2007. I was in love. :) We bought most of your collection that year, I think. And went through 2 stereo CD players wearing them out!

    Brandi on
  • We received a mix CD with an awesome selection of Rockabye songs from our daughter’s Godparents as a gift. She loved it, and we were so blown away that we immediately began building our collection! The music really helped her calm down for bedtime as a newborn, and I credit those albums with fostering her love of music. She’s almost two and loves to dance to anything, but it all started with that mix from Uncle Brien and Auntie Anna!

    Aaron Wise on

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