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Article: How You Heard About Rockabye Baby Giveaway

4th of July Sale

How You Heard About Rockabye Baby Giveaway

Happy first day of July, Rockabyers We've heard via your comments, Tweets and emails about how Rockabye Baby's music has changed your life for the better. (Thanks for sharing, by the way!) Whether it was to survive long car rides or calm road ragequiet a classroom of kids, put your whole household to sleep (pets, included) or just to introduce your kids to songs you love, we love hearing why you like what we do! We want to know how you found us! To enter this week's giveaway for a Rockabye Baby CD of your choice, tell us:


Did you receive one of our CDs as a present? Were you at a wedding and another new father at a table mentioned us? Did you happen to see a CD at a friend's house? Someone you love put a track on a mixtape? We want to hear all your How You Heard About Rockabye Baby stories! Just post your story in the comments below by Monday, July 8, 6 pm ET, to enter our random drawing for a FREE Rockabye Baby CD. We will be selecting 3 winners. Good luck!



I work in a daycare with a 18 months groups, and i was at the music store, searching for original lullaby for the kids nap. Then i found the metallica rockabye baby, i’m a big fan of metallica. So to be able to share my love of metallica with my babies was such a pleasure! No more borring silly lullaby! Only sweet rocking music in the daycare <3 And I have to admit, I also use it for myself to fall asleep :)

abigaelle hebert

I was shopping for a friend who is a major music fan’s baby shower. Well I found the Rockabye CD’s and knew that she would love them! I went ahead and bought them for myself as well even though we didn’t have a little one. I played them for years in my classroom. The junior high students LOVE them and are always watching to see when a new one will be coming out. Now we play them for our little angel who WILL not sleep without them playing!

Robbyne Teel

I saw some of your CDs and thought they looked really cute at Buy Buy Baby. My sister bought me the Beatles Rockabye Baby and little guy loved it.

Nicole Toscano

I think I did a google search for alternative lullabye when I was pregnant with my oldest, back in January of 2007. I was in love. :) We bought most of your collection that year, I think. And went through 2 stereo CD players wearing them out!


We received a mix CD with an awesome selection of Rockabye songs from our daughter’s Godparents as a gift. She loved it, and we were so blown away that we immediately began building our collection! The music really helped her calm down for bedtime as a newborn, and I credit those albums with fostering her love of music. She’s almost two and loves to dance to anything, but it all started with that mix from Uncle Brien and Auntie Anna!

Aaron Wise

I just heard about Rockabye Baby this past friday 6/28 at my grandma’s funeral. I have a 14 week old & my cousin has a 6 week old. The family is very much into rock/metal music. My cousin received a cd from one of the aunts. They all said I need to look into them. Once I got home I looked them up in the Google store and I play the samples for my daughter. Metallica & Madonna are the favorites right now.

Steph Ditscheit

I used to work for a band, and have been seeing live music since I was in high school. Friends told me about Rockabye Baby when I got pregnant, and I could not believe the selection! Our favorites are Pink Floyd and of course the Bob Marley..but we are hoping to get the Jay Z and Pearl Jam albums soon too.

When is the Phish Rockabye album coming out?!

Rockabye has helped us get through 5 hour car rides to the mountains. We love you!

Amanda Cadran

My son was in daycare and I’d go over and visit him on my lunch break. One day I was sitting there and I’m like this sounds like yellow submarine, so I sang yellow submarine to my son, and then the girl who worked there told me what it was. I was like that is too cool! So I went on Amazon and found Radiohead Rockabye baby for my son to listen to while he plays at home.

Becky Soearance

I was searching through all the CDs at my public library and came across one of them. I can’t remember which one. It was about 5 years ago and I have been hooked since. Now that we are expecting a little one, they will for the first time be listened to by an infant.

Olivia Rubin

I was searching for something special for a baby shower gift and came across the Rockabye Baby CD’s, I got the metallica one and it was perfect (and teamed it up with a guitar softie). The dad loves playing metallica for his little girl. And we have recently had a little one of our own so now I can start our own collection!


I was at my 3D ultrasound appt for my one and only child, and as I was laying there waiting for the doctor to come in, I recognized the song over the sound system as Metallica’s Enter Sandman but as a lullabye. When the technician came in I asked her about it and she told me about Rockabye Baby, that evening I ordered Metallica and Smashing Pumpkins on the internet. To this day, my daughter listens to “Today” by Smashing Pumpkins on repeat every night. Love your music!


I first heard of Rockabye Baby when I was on maternity leave with my older daughter. Starbucks was at the time selling the Rockabye Baby cd with different tracks, not all just one artist on it. I figured it sounded cool enough, and bought it that day. Popped it into the car with my 6 month old at the time in there too, and low and behold, blissful zen! She was mellowed out by the awesome tracks, and I was happy because I knew the songs, and it wasn’t your average kids cd!

I have to admit, my collection since that day has only grown! Love Rockabye Baby!


We couldn’t get our daughter Lily (newborn) to stop screaming, so my husband turned on the Pandora kid’s station, and it played your cover of Aerosmith’s “Dream On”. I was like finally something I don’t want to kill myself for listening to.

Kim Kerber

I first heard a Rockabye Baby cd in my brother and sis-in-laws home. I fell in love!! I have to have them for my babies.

Amber C

I received Metallica lullabies as a gift when I was pregnant with my son. Once he was born, we started playing it and he loved it. I quickly built up a decent collection. I have over 20 now. Every time I hear someone is having a baby I always include one or two of your CDs in the gift now. They are lifesavers!


I heard about it in a magazine, Paste, I think. I picked up the Beatles, Coldplay and Radiohead ones before I ever had children to actually help me to sleep. I now have a six month old and a growing collection of Rockabye Baby cds which makes me a happy dad

brian hubbard

I found it through Baby Einstein Radio on Pandora. I have every Rockabye Baby song on there upvoted.

Kristin B

I read about it in a silly book my dad bought at a garage sale called weird facts about babies or something close to that.

Erin LaMaster

I work in a day care and a co-worker brought in the U2 one for us to use at nap time. Since then, we got gotten many of the cds and the kids fall asleep better and we really enjoy the music.

Jen Glynn

A good friend gave me the Smashing Pumpkins CD for a baby gift. In college we traveled near and far to see every show we could afford. As I listen to the CD now, it brings back old memories while creating new ones too. Great Stuff RB!

lisa cassidy

I found about Rockaby Baby searching on the internet for a way to introduce my little nephew into my favorite music. He loves it as much as his auntie!!!!!


I worked at wiggles and giggles in NYC and someone donated a bunch of cds and compilation cd was one of them. I instantly fell in love!!


I was listening to an online radio station and one of the DJs played Rockabye.
I have a deep appreciation for cover songs and instrumentals – have been a fan ever since.


Saw some of the songs on Spotify and loved the range so looked you up on Facebook!


when my son was An infant and he was taking a nap, my wife put on Pandora’s children station to play him lullabies. well eating lunch I was listening to the lullabies and notice that I was actually listening to Metallica. as such I have always had my son listen to rock a bye baby ever since

Jason Ruiz

My best friends brother brought over the Cure album and started playing the songs for us to guess. I thought it was the most awesome thing ever! I bought 4 albums after that day. Love it!

Karie mullassery

How i heard about rockabye baby music:

One of my prego friends was bragging about the best baby shower gift she ever got on FB! it was one of the starter sets… and me being a prego too was so excited… me and my husband have been listening to the audio clips and strongly hinting to friends about this… my shower is next weekend… i hope we get some rockabye baby!!!!


I know i’m totally late but i just found you guys, I’m blown away!!! I have not found not one album, song or anything that I don’t love. I found you kinda sorta by accident, i was looking at twinkle twinkle little rockstars songs, and saw yours. I love them oh so much, and as much as my son loves music, I know he will too! He is 16 months old and loves everything!!! I can’t wait to play these for him!


First heard you on Pandora! It’s our son’s favorite station. We purchased CDs to get our favorite bands…the only way we make it through our road trips!

Punam Roy

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