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Article: Meteor Watch Day

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Meteor Watch Day

meteorwatchday Growing up on a farm, it was almost a nightly ritual during the summer for me and my little sister to gather up a heap of blankets, lay them out on our trampoline and watch shooting stars blaze through the sky. Stars are so incredibly clear in the middle of nowhere, where I grew up, so I became pretty familiar with the summer night sky over the years. Meteor Watch Day is this Sunday, so to get all your little stargazers out Sunday evening; I'm sharing a few of my tips and essentials for optimal stargazing. 5 tips for Stargazing 1. Check the forecast. Save stargazing for another night if the forecast isn't mostly clear. 2. Pick a spot with a clear, wide view of the night sky (away from city lights for better visibility, if possible). 3. Bring blankets to lie on and cover up with, a flashlight, a few snacks and maybe some tunes, too. 4. Pack binoculars-a great alternative to telescopes! 5. Bring a star map or chart. While you're waiting for the shooting stars, you can pick out planets, stars and constellations.

Let's hope for clear skies this Sunday night! Happy stargazing! And lucky you - don't forget about our 4th of July Sale!


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