I Want My Mommy

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Do you ever have those days when all you want is your mommy? 

teenamomma This is a photo of my mom when she was a baby. She texted it to me last week and it was the first time I think that I've ever seen a baby picture of her, which seems ridiculous, right?

And when I saw this photo, it's amazing to see that my daughter, too, is my mom as a baby. I could stare at this photo forever; I'm so moved by it for all these reasons:I mean, all this time, not once has she shown me-nor have I asked-what she looked like when she was a baby. Before this, the youngest photo I had seen of her was probably when she was 5 or 6. And because of that photo, in my head, that's when life began for her because that's the only image I was raised with. And, by the way, it's crazy what a carbon copy I was of her as a kid. She made me, clearly!

Seeing my mom as a baby Seeing my mom in my baby Realizing that my mom has ridiculously strong genes! Plus, even in this photo, she looks like someone to be reckoned with...which she is. I love this woman, my mom, as a baby, as a shopaholic who buys presents I don't need or want, as the babysitter who always arrives late, as the come-to-my-rescue friend who cares for me (and baby and animals and neighborhood cat) when I'm not feeling well, as the frenemy who says she loves me but criticizes everything I do, as the senior citizen socialite who parties like a twenty-something, as the food delivery person who feeds me for free (she doesn't cook)... For all these reasons, I want my mommy often-and it hasn't stopped since becoming a mother myself. I actually want her more. People always tell me how lucky I am to have family nearby, and they're right. Well, that depends on which incarnation of my mother shows up. When the senior citizen socialite shows up for a surprise visit after 10 pm (or later) and wakes up baby after you've just gotten her to sleep, you kinda wish not. Still, Mom, you rock. Have a mother who rocks? Our music isn't just for babies... Just give these a listen. Grandmas like to sing along to our music, too!

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