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Article: In Tents: Sleeping in Teepees

In Tents: Sleeping in Teepees


We cosleep with our son Henry, for a variety of reasons - the bed is big, the marriage is strong, and it helps him feel confident and safe, especially since we just moved across the country. But he is interested in having his own bed, and we wanted to get him something that wasn't just an Ikea toddler crib.

Our solution? One regular-sized kids mattress and the Great Plains Indians Teepee, which we set up in the corner of his room. Since we erected it, it's been the center of his play life - he goes inside to read books and to play with puzzles, and when it's time for a nap we walk him over, lay him down, give him a quick cuddle and he's out. Sure, it's not textbook parenting, but it works for us.


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In Tents: Sleeping in Teepees | Rockabye Baby! | Tents from Best Outdoors

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