Let's Rock 'n' Roll

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Mothers have told me that how your baby behaves in your womb is a pretty good indication of what he or she will be like as a child. If that's the case, then I'm giving birth to a rock 'n' roller. You all know the type: Rowdy, likes to make a scene, parties all night. Translate that into baby behavior...this little one has kicked, punched and stretched my tummy every which way. It's quite the freaky scene if you witness it. Limbs protruding and moving all about, while I try to keep a calm, composed face. He or she has liked to do so in the most public locales: business meetings, in crowded lines and during Mass. (You'd go to church, too, if you knew you were giving birth to a future rebel rouser.) This baby has my blood, after all. And I'm no angel -- neither is Daddy. Oh, yeah, and there's the running a week behind schedule, despite much activity and egg custard pie in recent days. Thanks, baby. I see how you are. Well, if you don't make your appearance soon, I'm calling in reinforcements. So, let's rock 'n' roll, baby. It's time to show me what you've got. Whether you're a boy or girl, a true rebel or gentle soul, come out and say, "Hello." Mama is waiting -- and she's over waddling instead of walking.

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