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Article: Mama’s Night Out

Beastie Boys

Mama’s Night Out

I've been a mother for eight months now, and people always ask me what I miss most about my life before baby... (That ellipsis was me thinking.)  Um, less laundry? Less responsibility? Less trash? More sleep? One thing I do miss about my pre-baby but not pre-pregnancy life is my dream world. I don't know about you other mothers or mothers-to-be, but when I was pregnant, the places I went to and the things I did in my dreams were way, way, way beyond my imagination. I lived like a rock star in one, had NC-17 adventures in another... (that ellipsis was for me blushing) and often, I even flew around like a superhero. So I travelled everywhere. That was my dream life when I was carrying little D. Maybe it was hormones; maybe it was my subconscious getting all my wild tendencies out in my dream world before settling into motherhood. Or, maybe, it was my little girl who sent me out on all these crazy escapades, giving me the most fantastic slumber life saying, "Hey, mama, enjoy this time; I'll be a great adventure, too." But these last months, you know how eventful my dreams were? I woke up this past weekend a bit confused and told my husband, "I think I just went to the grocery in my dreams. Or did we actually go?" In another dream, it got even duller and I didn't go anywhere: I cleaned the house. Where's the fun in that? Is my wild dream life a thing of the past? Is my greatest fantasy getting chores done? Will I ever fly again ? I decided it was time for a big helping of my life before baby. I went out. Without my husband, without baby D-and certainly not to the grocery store. I joined two non-parent friends and my older sister and BFF-both of whom also wanted a "Mama's Night Out"-and ventured out on a Saturday night in Hollywood as we did before we had children (or were pregnant with them). We ended up at a very L.A. club that required being on a guest list, didn't have a proper marked entrance (very Swingers­-esque) and didn't get happening until after midnight. We had overpriced cocktails and danced as if we were teenagers, thanks to the DJ, who was spinning tracks from artists from our generation versus the 20-something crowd who ruled the place: Prince, Beasties Boys, The Cure, to name a few oldies but goodies. We didn't get home until after 1 am. And when I opened my bedroom door, there was my husband and baby fast asleep in bed. I stared at them for a while and thought, this night was even better than I had anticipated. Not because I got to go out without them, but because of what I came home to every night that I didn't have 8 months ago. (Well, most nights, around that hour, I'd be nursing that babe of mine).

In that moment I decided that the two hours out in Hollywood was real life and my family life is the dream-though, very G-rated with occasional mature language (I blame hormones!)-even with the empty pantry, mountains of laundry and cluttered rooms.

But I'm hoping when I wake up next weekend, my husband and daughter make my dreams come true and those undone chores will be figments of my imagination. Yeah, I'd totally make them my Valentines if they did.

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