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Article: Valentine’s Day Love Letter

Valentine’s Day Love Letter

Remember the "Love Letter?" That primitive way of sharing one's affection for another? We thought you might. Well, here at Rockabye Baby we're bringing it back . . . but with a bit of a twist. Don't worry; it's a funny twist! We've created a "Bib Lib" Love Letter for you and yours to fill out. It's a fun and entertaining way of expressing (however inaccurate it may turn out) love for the cherished ones in your life, Mad Libs style. Pull it out during your Valentine's date, or have your little one help you fill it in for your sweetheart. It's a great way to learn parts of speech, too. Bonus!

Click here to download our Valentine's Day Love Letter "Bib Lib."

 Here is Daddy in Training's completed "Bib Lib":

Is your completed letter as amusing as ours? Send it in to us at

Don't forget: There's still time to save this Valentine's Day!

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