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Article: Music For Your Eyes: Charley Harper

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Music For Your Eyes: Charley Harper

[caption id="" align="right" width="110" caption="Charley Harper Flash Cards"]Charley Harper Flash Cards[/caption]

Ohio artist Charley Harper has long been a favorite in this house - his modernist, gorgeous depictions of the animal kingdom are kid-friendly while also being impeccably designed. Working in silkscreen and paint, Harper produced hundreds of amazing illustrations for magazines and science textbooks. Until now, the best way to get his work in your home was by purchasing the enormous Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life, but the $200 price tag is a little discouraging to the casual browser.

Help is here from an unlikely source - Old Navy has partnered with Harper's estate to license his work for a number of products. Our favorite is the flash card set that features 26 unique Harper illos on the front and two huge floor puzzles on the back. And at only twelve bucks, it's a steal.


Taylor: they’re printed really nicely, I bet they’d look great!

K. Thor Jensen

Hi, Can i get a one small picture from your site?
Have a nice day


i love Charley Harper but the book is definitely out of my price range. i wonder how the flash cards would look framed…


Dreaming about a Charley Harper tattoo…

Rockabye Baby!

I can’t remember the last time I saw something like that…bookmark ftw =)


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